Bowery To Williamsburg

Bowery to Williamsburg

16 Oliver Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000

(Update: a new location has opened on 123 Hardware St in the CBD)

I have to admit, a long time was spend deliberating on which restaurant would have the honour (or misfortune?) of being featured in my inaugural review. In the end I gave up and just chose one at random – Bowery to Williamsburg. A bit of background – I’d had B to W earmarked (or wishlisted) on Urbanspoon for ages, mostly because of the excellent reviews, but had never felt an overwhelming urge to go. I suppose this is largely because the idea of a Reuben sandwich, their signature dish, didn’t appeal to me. Corned beef has always seemed like a strange concept, and the one other time I had eaten it before was when I bought it from the supermarket by accident. I thought it looked weird at the time but didn’t pay much attention, and by the time I’d gotten home, it was too late. I tried to work with it – even tried it in a stroganoff (which fixes everything), but in the end just gave up and threw it out.Read More »