Barcelonean Churros Adventures 1

Churrería Manuel San Román

Carrer dels Banys Nous, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

What would a trip to Spain be without churros? K and I took it upon ourselves to scour the internet for the best churreria in Barcelona, and after reading through about a dozen guides, the name that consistently popped up was Churreria Manuel San Roman.



We made a brief visit there on our last day in Barcelona, and I could not be more thankful. The churros were like nothing I’d ever tasted – soft in the middle yet crispy on the outside, without the overwhelming flavour of oil, and coated evenly in a layer of sugar. They were basically served to us straight from the fryer, which meant they were piping hot and fresh – it was absolutely delightful.

Fresh batch of churros
Fresh batch of churros
Original churros
Original churros

We also had a little taste of the chocolate churros, which were delicious, but I would take a huge bag of the original flavour any day.

Chocolate churros
Chocolate churros

If you are planning a trip to this amazing churreria (which I 100% recommend), just be aware that it’s quite hard to find. Make sure you take note of the street address, as the store front doesn’t actually have their name on it – instead, I believe it’s just signed as ‘Xurreria’. The churros are sold by weight and the serving sizes are deceptively large. We opted for the smallest serving of each type, and left with at least 6 of the original flavoured churros and 3 of the chocolate for only about 4 euros – a bargain!

xx Judy


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