Barcelonean Churros Adventures 2

Café Granja Viader

Xucla 4-6, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

After a breakfast of churros, what better to have for a pre-lunch snack than more churros? Café Granja Viader came highly recommended and was just a block from the famous Mercado de la Boqueria so it made perfect sense to drop in before exploring the markets.

Cafe interior
Cafe interior

The charming little café greeted us down a hard-to-find alleyway, but was already quite full of tourists when we arrived. Pictures and paraphernalia depicting the history of the café and its food adorned almost every space on the walls, which gave it a very personal touch.

As for the churros, while we knew that the café was known for its ‘hot chocolate’ dipping sauce, we actually decided to get ours with a ‘Cacaolat’ and glass of the ‘Mallorquina’, a speciality milk drink.

Churros, Cacaolat and Mallorquina
Churros, Cacaolat and Mallorquina

The churros were tasty, but unfortunately didn’t live up to the high benchmark set by our first churreria (see here). They weren’t quite as fresh or crispy and were actually a little chewy, which was unfortunate.

Cacaolat and churros
Cacaolat and churros

My Cacaolat drink looked like chocolate milk, but actually only had a mild chocolate flavour accompanied by a slight sourness, which was a bit foreign but not unpleasant. K’s Mallorquina, which was described as Majorca-style milk with cinnamon, lemon, and sugar, was also quite interesting, almost like a lighter version of sweet buttermilk.

While this café definitely serves up tasty churros, they definitely lost out to Churrería Manuel San Román on quality. The drinks were definitely a new experience and I’m glad we gave them a shot, but if we ever revisited this place, we’d probably go for the safe option and get the chocolate dipping sauce instead.

xx Judy


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