Last Ditch for Tapas

Ciudad Condal

Rambla de Catalunya, 18, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

Our last meal in Barcelona came much too fast and K and I wanted to try for another round of tapas before we left. We found this restaurant on Tripadvisor and saw that it was highly rated despite being in quite a touristy part of the city, so we stopped by on our way to the train station.

Walking in, it was immediately apparent that this restaurant was very popular. There was a bar seating area next to the tapas window which was completely jam packed and very busy, but we were able to get a sit-down table after about a 20 minute wait. We rewarded our own patience with a whole jug of sangria, which was the perfect thing after dragging our luggage here on a hot summer’s day.

Paella and Sangria
Paella and Sangria


We had to get a plate of the paella to share, and were very happy we did. Not only was the serving generous, it was absolutely delicious, with large chunks of meat and truckloads of flavour.

Fried cuttlefish
Fried cuttlefish ‘andaluz style’ (€5,50)

The rings of cuttlefish were fried in a very thin coating of flour, different to any sort of batter I’d had before. It adhered to the cuttlefish, which was very tender, and gave it a nice bit of crispiness. This dish definitely won me over.

Assorted tapas (€15,95) – Fried small fishes, green peppers, prawns, croquettes, clams
Assorted tapas (€15,95) – Fried small fishes, green peppers, prawns, croquettes, clams

A very good and large selection of tapas for a decent price. I loved everything except the peppers, which were unfortunately quite flavourless. The prawns were big, very fresh and incredibly tender – probably some of the best prawns I’ve ever had – while the croquettes were soft and pillowy on the inside with a crispy bite.


We were both so happy to have found this place on our last day in Barcelona. It was probably our favourite meal during our time there and would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a good tapas feed for a reasonable price. The food was fresh and very high-quality, and the service was friendly too – top notch!

xx Judy


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