Tuck Shop Take Away

Tuck Shop Take Away

273 Hawthorn Rd Caulfield, VIC 3161

The Melbourne burger scene has been pumping away for a while now and there’s no end in sight, for which I’m very grateful, especially on those Friday nights when I have nothing to eat in the fridge (let’s be honest, that’s every Friday night). One of the heavyweights in this arena is Tuck Shop Take Away, conveniently located in Caulfield and known for its fun thematic take on the classic take-away burger.



Entering the little corner shop is just like stepping back in time to high school, to the era of waist-height water fountains and world maps plastered on the wall. The menu is simple – just 2 burger choices (including a vegetarian option), a few jaffles, chips and milkshakes – written up on a big blackboard above the kitchen. They also offer a few novelty baked goods (think red skin brownies) as well as rotating flavours of ice-cream.  Seating is pretty limited, and there always seems to be a huge crowd, so if you live in the area, do as the name says and take away.

Left – Nutella Milkshake ($7), Right – Salted Fantale Milkshake ($7)

Before I even start on the burgers, I have to mention the milkshakes. I don’t often talk in absolutes, but the Salted Fantale milkshake from Tuck Shop Take Away is THE best that I’ve ever had. It tastes just as advertised – caramelly, salty and not too sweet – it really induces that nostalgia and is absolutely drool-worthy.


Minor ($9.50) – 100% beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, American cheese & Tuckshop sauce

The only beef burger on the menu is the Minor, made up of the classic combination of ingredients, with the option to add bacon or an egg. They’re all made to order, which means there’s a bit of a wait, but it’s completely worth it. The patty is cooked perfectly, just pink in the middle, the bun is soft and buttery, and the special sauce just ties it all together.


Pulled Pork Jaffle ($7.50) – with smoked cheddar bechamel

On our second visit, K decided to try out the Pulled Pork Jaffle, which was probably one of the best decisions he’s ever made. I know it’s hard to make a bad jaffle, but this one was fantastic. The pork was flavourful and not at all dry, and the cheesy-crusty edge bits were absolute heaven! I would definitely recommend this option if you’re not in the mood for a burger.


Hand-cut triple cooked chips (side serve $3, large $5)

I admit it – the chips don’t look that crash hot, but don’t let that fool you. They’re made using the triple-cooked method, made famous by Heston Blumenthal, and were delightfully crunchy. K particularly loved smothering them in the special house tomato sauce, but really, they’re delicious either way.

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Tuck Shop Take Away, don’t hesitate, just do it! It’s a fun little place with great, entertaining staff and excellent food. The prices are just a smidge high for the size of the burgers and the milkshakes, but in my opinion, it’s completely worth it for the quality. If you’ve been before, let me know what you thought!

xx Judy




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