Seaside Sandwich Shack


Promenade de la Pantiero, Cannes, France

What better to do on a sunny summer’s day in beautiful Cannes than enjoy a sandwich overlooking the port? That’s what K and I asked ourselves while we visited the city famous for its film festivals and luxurious lifestyle. The answer was: Nothing.


We spotted Philcat while just exploring the city – a little white cabin located right in the middle of the port, quite far removed from most of the high-end shopping and restaurants. They offer a multitude of sandwich options as well as salads and tarts – everything one needs for a great lunch. The owners were absolutely lovely and helped to explain all of the items on the menu, and prepared everything fresh, right in front of us.

Panini and apple tart tatin
Panini and apple tart tatin

The panini that I ordered was fantastic – beautifully grilled and filled with fresh ingredients and ooey gooey cheese – I’m salivating just thinking about it. An apple tart tatin finished off our meal perfectly. While we didn’t have any salads ourselves, we saw a few being made for other customers, and they looked very generous and delicious.

Whether you’re visiting Cannes just for the day, or staying in the city for a while, and want to try something other than the ridiculously expensive options available, Philcat is definitely worth a visit (or two).

xx Judy


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