Pastries for breakfast, donut judge me

La Brioche Chaude

50 Avenue Jean Medecin, 06000 Nice, France

This non-descript little bakery is located on the main street in Nice, squeezed in amongst the retail giants, McDonalds and chain patisseries, and was our one-stop shop for breakfast while we were there. Its simple display cabinet stuffed full of sandwiches, viennoiseries and slices, and the tempting aroma of fresh coffee really drew us in on the first morning, and we loved it so much that we returned every morning after that.

From donuts (or beignets) stuffed full of cream to a variety of freshly-made sandwiches to the standard selection of croissants and pain au chocolate, there really is something for everyone. The bonus is the great coffee – always freshly made and excellent in quality – it really beats any of the other available options in the vicinity.


Pan Pagnat

K’s consistent favourite from La Brioche Chaude was definitely the pan bagnat, a specialty sandwich from the area of Nice. It’s basically a salad niçoise – tuna, boiled eggs, and raw vegetables – sandwiched between a crusty bread roll. It was always full of fresh ingredients and the finely chopped celery added a nice crunch.


I personally loved the choice of sweet pastries on offer, especially the beignets. This is around the time that Nutella-stuffed donuts exploded in Melbourne, and I was lamenting that I’d not had a chance to try one before I left, so it was exciting to see such a selection on offer at La Broiche Chaude. Soft, fluffy dough filled to the brim with chocolate, cream or custard, and rolled in a coating of sugar – they were absolute perfection. I don’t think I had a bad pastry at this bakery.



I would definitely recommend La Brioche Chaude if you’re living in the touristy area of Nice – even though it doesn’t look like much, it’s a cheaper and better alternative to any of the chain breakfast options in the near vicinity.

xx Judy


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