Kimchi Hut

Kimchi Hut

185 Coleman Parade Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Living out in the South-East suburbs means that I’m pretty far from the city’s most popular Korean restaurants. Luckily for me, Kimchi Hut in Glen Waverley is always a reliable option whenever I fancy some bibimbap, claypot soup or Korean BBQ.


It has quite a small restaurant space and is always bustling full of diners, so either call ahead or be prepared to wait a short while. The service is both friendly and efficient – a small pot of tea was set before us within a minute of being seated, and while the waitress was quick to return for our order, she was also more than happy to answer our questions about the menu.

Seafood mung-bean pancake ($8.90 for small)

Seafood pancake is a must whenever I eat Korean food and this one was quite tasty. I was a little disappointed with the amount of seafood in it – unfortunately, all I found was one piece of octopus tentacle. However, this was redeemed by the fact that the pancake itself was super crispy. I would be curious to try one of their other versions next time – perhaps kimchi?


Takoyaki ($7.80)

These were pretty standard from what I could tell – always tasty but nothing too special.

Stewed Rice Cake ($16)

This is K’s favourite dish at Korean restaurants. This one was flavourful with lots of sauce, and the rice cakes had a good amount of bite to them. It could have done with some vegies to freshen it up a bit, but otherwise was a good dish.

Spicy squid sizzling BBQ ($17.50)

I loved both the auditory and olfactory elements to this dish, and its taste didn’t disappoint. The squid, which can be so easily overcooked, was quite tender, and the bean sprouts at the bottom were a great addition. Paired with a bowl of rice, it made for a very comforting meal.

Meal with side dishes (complimentary)

Kimchi Hut is a great option if you don’t feel like travelling all the way in to the city for some tasty Korean food. As with all Korean restaurants, I found that the price is a little steep for what you get, but the food is satisfying nonetheless. If you’ve been here before, let me know what you thought!

xx Judy

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