A Tours de Force

Les Saveurs

1 bis, place Gaston Pailhou, Place des Halles, Tours, France

Next up on our whirlwind adventure through France was Tours, in the Loire Valley. Most famously known for its beautiful chateaus, picturesque landscapes and treasure troves of history, it is also the home to amazing local produce, including cheese, fish and fresh vegetables.

On our first night there, we wandered in to a great little restaurant called Les Saveurs, where we tried their 2-course dinner for only €18.50 – a great deal. Unfortunately the language barrier made it a bit difficult to ascertain exactly what each dish was called, but I hope the photos help!

Complimentary bread




Ravioli with fresh salmon

The salmon was amazingly fresh, and paired perfectly with the creamy sauce and little ravioli.


Smooth, light and subtle in terms of salmon flavour. K loved the taste of this slathered on the house bread.


While the steak was just a tad overcooked for my liking, it had a great flavour to it. I particularly loved the potatoes, which were waxy in texture and quite different to any that I’ve ever tried in Australia (interestingly, all of the potatoes I had in the Loire Valley were similarly waxy – and even though I’ve tried, I haven’t managed to find a variety back home with the same characteristic!)


Fish with sautéed greens

I can say without a doubt that the sauce in this dish was not good for my waistline, but it was damn delicious, as were both varieties of fish.

While Tours is a small town overshadowed by the beautiful sights surrounding it, if you search, there are some real food gems, much like Les Saveurs. Pairing relative affordability with high quality food, I’m very happy to have stumbled across it.

xx Judy


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