A Little Slice of Melbourne

Original Break

12 Rue Edouard Vaillant, 37000, Tours, France

Even when in the heart of a whirlwind European adventure, it’s easy to feel a little homesick. This was certainly the case for me, which was why I was so stoked to come across Original Break in the city of Tours, just a stone’s throw from my hotel. I was immediately attracted to the smell of freshly baked goods, but it was the atmosphere and décor reminiscent of a true Melbourne café that really drew me in.


K and I stopped by both mornings of our stay in Tours for breakfast and a chat with the owner, who was very lovely. The coffee was not bad, although not nearly as potent as I usually like, and K’s baguette sandwich was simple and fresh. I was a big fan of their choc-banana muffin, which was absolutely delicious – so good that I came back for seconds! They also offer other sweet treats (often Kinder-themed) on rotation so if you’re a dessert fiend like me, you’ll love it. I’d absolutely recommend this little café if you’re visiting Tours!

xx Judy


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