A Bouchon Away from Lyon

Le Bouchon du Vaugueux

12, rue Graindorge, 14000 Caen, France

Even though we were no longer in Lyon, K and I loved our bouchon experiences so much that we managed to another one, this time in Caen, France. We stopped to have dinner there on our one and only night in the city, and came away very impressed. Even though the food was not what would be expected at a traditional bouchon, it was nevertheless very tasty. The owners were absolutely lovely, and despite speaking very little English, did their best to translate the menu for us.


We couldn’t go past some Normandy cider, which was absolutely delicious and much better than any that I’ve had in Australia. It was also amazingly cheap, like all alcohol in France, which is always a plus.

Unfortunately, the whole menu was in French so I couldn’t make a reliable list of all of the dishes, but I’m sure the photos will provide more than enough evidence of their tastiness!



I loved my beef carpaccio – it was super fresh and the sesame dressing complemented it perfectly.


Tender fish and al dente penne made for a yummy and (relatively) healthy dish.


This was basically key lime pie in a cup – not so French but the flavours worked really well together.


This was a very impressive dessert, described to us as a ‘floating meringue’, which was exactly what it turned out to be. The accompanying custard was also a good level of sweetness with a lovely vanilla flavour (you can even see the vanilla seeds!). The tart freeze-dried raspberries topped it all off to make a phenomenal dessert!

While not your traditional bouchon, I thought this family-run restaurant had some great and inventive dishes to offer for any would-be travellers – let me know if you visit!

xx Judy


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