Yo My Goodness

Yo My Goodness

65-67 Kingsway Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Yo, let’s get some burgers up in here! When I first heard about that a frozen yoghurt shop was also serving burgers and fries, I was very dubious, but after months of seeing their food all over my Insta feed, I knew I had to give Yo My Goodness a shot. Coincidentally, a few weeks later, I was lucky enough to win a gift voucher for the restaurant, so I made the trip to their Glen Waverley location.



It’s hard to miss them, all ‘look at me’ bright purple signage and neon lights, but I actually really liked the décor. It’s fun and unexpected, much like their menu. There was an impressive selection of burgers, including one with potato cakes instead of beef patties (K was keen to try this but I vetoed haha), as well as loaded fries, chicken wings, shakes, and of course, fro-yo. I’m indecisive on the best of days, and all this choice was making my head spin, so we decided to just go all out and get one from each category.


The Kingsway ($13) – Double beef, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, ketchup, secret sauce

When in the Glen…eat The Kingsway! Simply put, if I had closed my eyes and taken a bite of this burger, I would’ve thought it was a really good Big Mac. The resemblance was uncanny, especially in that ‘secret sauce’, which tasted so much like the pickly-mustardy concoction used in the McDonalds’ classic. That being said, the ingredients in ‘The Kingsway’ were, undoubtedly, of a much better quality. The just-off-the-grill beef patties were lightly pink in the centre and the lettuce and tomatoes were vibrant and fresh. It was tasty, sure, but unfortunately nothing about it really wowed me – just a good burger in a sea of good burgers available in Melbourne.

Spicy Southern fried chicken wings ($10)

This little tray of chicken wings, however, did make me swoon a little. Tender, full of sweet chilli flavour and topped off with fresh chillies, spring onions and a delicious sauce. They were super addictive – I found myself reaching for more even when I was beyond stuffed – a definite two thumbs up.

Shang-fry ($9) – Pulled pork, crispy shallot, toasted sesame, basil mayo, chilli, spring onion

Fries loaded with pulled pork, chillies and spring onion – can you sense a pattern? I can’t resist spicy food so the Shang-fry was the obvious choice. The fries themselves were surprisingly crispy, and the sweetness of the pulled pork was offset by the freshness of vegetables. I really enjoyed this one, although, like most loaded fries, the diminishing returns set in really fast once all the toppings were gone.

Two bit lemon tart shake ($7.50) with rest of meal

I have to be honest. I was thoroughly disappointed by this shake. Perhaps we ordered poorly, but there was not a single thing I liked about it. The lemon flavour was terribly artificial and it was sickeningly sweet and not at all citrusy. We barely drank two sips before deciding it was a lost cause. I’ve heard that the salted peanut butter caramel shake is good though, so perhaps I’ll give that a go next time.


Of course, one cannot visit a fro-yo place without getting some fro-yo! There was actually a promotion happening when we visited for $5 all-you-can-fit frozen yoghurt cones, which, in some cases, was A LOT. We decided to go for the decidedly less messy version, however, and tried out a few flavours in a cup. The original and green tea were quite good, but the Nutella option had no hazelnut flavour and the salted caramel was practically indistinguishable from the original. The choice of toppings was varied and fresh, but they was missing my favourite – mochi!


Overall, not a bad place for a cheeky weekend feed on the Eastside. The burger I tried wasn’t anything special – there’s some very tough competition out there in this category – but the chicken wings and Shang-Fry were delicious and well worth a return trip. I’d also be keen to come back and test out the menu a bit more, perhaps with an enormous fro-yo cone to top it all off!

xx Judy

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