Our First (Of Many) in Paris

Au Forum

23-25 Rue de Chabrol, 75010 Paris, France

Just two weeks into our trip, K and I found ourselves in the City of Love. Paris was absolutely stunning, and I couldn’t wait to start our culinary adventures here.

For our first night, we decided on a little restaurant called Au Forum. It’s a step away from the traditional, and instead serves a fusion of Asian and French food. We were greeted by the waiter/owner, who was a lovely Asian man who spoke very good English. Even though the menu was in French only, he was kind enough to spend quite a lot of time translating it for us.


Beef Roti (€4,50)

The roti in this dish was absolutely amazing. Warm, flaky and with loads of layers, it was the perfect accompaniment to the tender beef and Sriracha sauce.

Chicken (front) and beef (back) ‘bol’ (€10 each)

Chicken ‘bol’ (€10)

Both of these were very tasty and the rice at the bottom was well cooked. The portion size was a bit on the small side however.

Roti with grilled peach

Again, the roti was excellent, and you can never go wrong with beautifully grilled, caramelised peaches.


This was a really interesting restaurant with some great dish concepts. The food was prepared fresh and were full of great quality ingredients. While the prices were reasonable, I did leave a little hungry, which was the major letdown. Otherwise, I’d recommend this place for a light meal if you’re looking to try something a little different in Paris.

xx Judy


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