Cravings of the Tapioca Kind

O Bubble

47 Bis rue d’Orsel, 75018 Paris, France

I’m not ashamed to admit it – I was getting serious bubble tea withdrawal 2 weeks into my Europe trip, which was why it was such a relief to stumble across O Bubble, just a few blocks down from our hotel in Paris. I certainly didn’t expect bagels to also be on the menu, but was more than happy to try some out once I saw how delicious they looked.


Roast beef, mustard, peppers, mushroom, onion and cheddar bagel (€6,90)

Cheesy, hot and delicious. A really great roast beef sandwich.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives, capers, onions and cucumber (€6,90)

In contrast, this bagel was fresh and light. The smoked salmon was delicious and I really loved the fluffy poppyseed bagel.

Nutella muffin (€2,90)
Taro milk tea with pearls (€5) Green apple tea with pearls (€5)

I was very happy to have gotten by bubble tea fix from O Bubble, although if I’m completely honest, the quality of the drinks were definitely inferior to those found in Melbourne. Nevertheless, K and I left our meal feeling full, satisfied, and not a whole lot poorer.

xx Judy


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