Royal Stacks

Royal Stacks

470 Collins St Melbourne, VIC 3000

Several weeks ago, I was kindly invited to the launch event (my first ever! Eeep!) for Royal Stacks, a new burger venue in the CBD courtesy of Dani Zeini, the mastermind behind the likes of Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Easey’s and Dandenong Pavilion. His penchant for quality ingredients and interesting menus have contributed greatly to the popularity of his previous restaurants, and after tasting some of the food at Royal Stacks, it’s clear that this new venture will enjoy similar success.

The venue looks deceptively small from the outside, but actually extends a significant way inwards so as to provide benches and tables for those wishing to dine in. I loved the ostentatious throne in front of the foliage wall, located just inside the entrance – a nice thematic touch.

Miss Elizabeth ($12.50) – All Australian pasture fed beef patty, Swiss cheese, truffle mayo

Just thinking about that truffle mayo makes me drool. Not only was there a very generous lashing of mayo, the truffle flavour really stood out – absolutely delicious! I only wished that there were some more vegies for freshness – I found the burger became a bit too rich near the end and I wasn’t able to finish it.

Saint ($13.50) – Two all Australian pasture fed beef patties, tomato, butter lettuce, bacon, American cheddar, raw onion, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapenoes

Give me jalapenoes, and I’m happy! In all seriousness, I absolutely loved this burger! The patties were very well cooked and seasoned, there was the right amount of vegetables to freshen up all the meat, and the jalapenoes gave everything a great kick.


Definitely better than your average fries.

Potato gems

Just like the childhood ones, but way crispier and super addictive!

Frozen custard – Nutella

I was very curious about this frozen custard – it’s basically ice cream made with eggs in addition to the usual cream and sugar. While popular in the US, I believe it’s the first instance of it in Melbourne, and when I heard that it was created by 7apples, I couldn’t wait to try it. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps it was the flavours that I tried, or the fact that I’d overhyped it for myself, but I just didn’t think it was significantly better than normal ice cream, and certainly not better than a good gelato. That’s not to say they weren’t tasty (who doesn’t love ice cream/frozen custard?) but I’m not sure they’re worth writing home about.


Without a doubt, Royal Stacks is sure to be one of the success stories of 2016. The quality of the ingredients, including the GMO-free beef patties which are minced fresh on the day, really translates into excellent food.  All of the burgers sound amazing (no joke), and I sorely wish that I’d gotten the chance to try The King, complete with a mac and cheese croquette! Unfortunately, the frozen custard was a miss for me, but there’s no doubt that I’ll be back to try out more of the menu soon!

xx Judy

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