Nice Smoothies in the Naughty Part of Town

Ivy & Bros

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 96A, 1012 GH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam was definitely one of the most beautiful cities we visited on our trip through Europe, and in a lot of ways, it reminded me of Melbourne. This was certainly the case at Ivy & Bros, a fantastic café we visited for lunch on our first day.

View of the canal

Just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam Centraal, it was hard to believe that this establishment was situated in the Red Light District, but those that have been to Amsterdam will know that the city completely transforms from day to night. However, when we visited, it was naught but an innocent little café serving fresh sandwiches and drinks, perfect after all that decadent dining in France.


Perhaps it was the heat talking, but I remember that being the most delicious smoothie that I’ve ever had. I have no idea what the ingredients were, only that there was the distinct taste of Earl Grey tea in the mix. K and I definitely fought over our glass – it was that good.


Salmon sandwich

More like a huge salmon salad on bread than a sandwich. The generous serving of fresh salmon, greens and avocado tasted absolutely amazing, especially with that cheeky sprinkling of fried onions on top. Simple, healthy and so refreshing.


Smoked chicken sandwich

The staff were super friendly and accommodating, and let’s not forget the awesome décor – would this not fit right in in Melbourne?




I think if Ivy & Bros was my local café, I’d drop in for lunch every day, with their generous servings, super fresh ingredients and a nice, relaxed space. If anyone does happen to be in Amsterdam and decides to visit, please let me know what they put in their amazing out-of-this-world smoothies!

xx Judy


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