War of the Waffles – Belgian vs Liege

Maison Dandoy Tea Room

Rue Charles Buls 14, Brussels 1000, Belgium

For our very short stay in Brussels, I knew K and I would have to be very strategic with our eating – we needed to try as many different Belgian foods as possible in the space of a day without making ourselves sick – a fine balance. Amongst the must-haves was waffles, something that I’ve only ever had once or twice in the past. After a bit of research, we decided upon Maison Dandoy, a specialty store with a long, successful history of biscuit production, but also known for serving up delicious waffles.


My research also revealed that there are 2 main types of waffle – Belgian and Liege. They’re quite easy to tell apart, and differ in taste and texture. Belgian waffles are traditionally an even rectangular shape, lighter in colour, and made from a thin batter. The yeast in the batter produces a light, aerated waffle with a crispy exterior. On the other hand, Liege waffles are produced from a thicker batter containing pearl sugar, which caramelise when cooked to form a chewier, richer and sweeter product that’s uneven in shape.




Maison Dandoy itself was absolutely fantastic, with boxes upon boxes of beautifully packaged biscuits and pastries lining the shelves. The display counter showcased a variety of baked goods, including their famous Speculoos biscuits. Their waffle menu consisted of a huge selection of toppings, from simple dusted sugar to chocolate and cream extravaganzas. I had my heart already set on the Liege waffle, while K decided to try the Belgian.

Belgian waffle with strawberries and ice cream (€6,30)


The verdict? Both K and I agreed that the Liege waffle was superior in taste and texture, and the caramelisation just added an extra layer of deliciousness. Simple toppings were also the way to go – we both enjoyed our two-ingredient add-ons that didn’t detract from the waffle itself. We were very happy with the quality of our waffles from Maison Dandoy and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in Brussels. If you’ve tried both, which type of waffle do you prefer?

xx Judy


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