Omah’s Malaysian Cuisine

Omah’s Malaysian Cuisine

338-342 Burwood Rd Hawthorn, VIC 3122

K and I rarely have Malaysian cuisine, so when asked to pick a restaurant for a catch-up with a big group of friends, we decided to try out this local restaurant. Located just a few doors down from Axil Coffee Roasters, Omah’s boasts a big menu filled with a huge variety of traditional, and not-so-traditional, Malaysian food. It was hard to decide on just one dish (we were ordering individually) but the table ended up with a nice mix of different food.


Special Fried Rice ($12.80) – Fried rice with chicken, prawns, egg, peas and carrots
Soft Shell Crab ($8.80) – Soft shell crab lightly fried and coated in biscuit crumbs and a hint of curry powder
Soft shell crab, Special fried rice, and Singapore Noodles ($12.80) – Rice vermicelli wok fried with chicken, prawns, egg, bean shoots, onions and a touch of curry paste

The Singapore Noodles were my order and I really enjoyed it. There was a generous amount of prawns and the vermicelli was well-cooked. My main complaint is that there should’ve been more spiciness to the dish – it lacked that extra dimension.

Fried KuehTeow ($12.80) – Flat rice noodles wok-fried with tender beef, egg, ginger and spring onion

This is often K’s go-to at Asian restaurants and he loves to compare each one. The rice noodles had a great bite to them and the wok breath was fantastic – however, similar to my Singapore noodles, he felt it lacked a chilli kick.

KuehTeow, Singapore Noodles, Beef Rendang ($19.80) – Slow cooked beef simmered in thick fragrant coconut gravy, and Mixed Entrée Platter ($13.80) – A selection of LohBak, chicken satay, curry puff, spring roll and silken tofu

K and I shared the Mixed Entree Platter and found it a bit hit and miss. The curry puff was great but the chicken satay stick was very dry and overcooked.

Chilli Prawns ($25.80) – Australian wild prawns cooked in egg-blend mild chilli sauce
Assam Fish Curry ($25.80) – Fish fillets cooked in a red coconut assam curry with eggplant, okra, tomato and onion
Shiitake Mushrooms and Tofu ($16.80) – Tender shiitake mushrooms served on a bed of silken tofu ringed with broccoli
Kong Poh Chicken ($18.80) – Chicken fillets stir-fried with dry chilli, fresh ginger, onion, sugar snap peas and carrots

When K and I were scouring the menu, we saw the Malaysian chilli crab, which looked absolutely amazing, so we decided to return a few weeks later to try that out.


Calamari Salad ($19.80) – Lightly battered calamari, wok-tossed in salt and pepper served with tamarind dressing salad

Loved the tenderness of the calamari, which was well-seasoned and delicious, but felt perhaps this was a little steep for how little of it there was.


Chilli crab – served in a semi-thick, sweet and savoury tomato and chilli based sauce

I love Asian-style crab – it’s what I always want to eat on special occasions. Malaysia chilli crab was certainly a little out of my comfort zone but I actually really enjoyed it. The crab was cooked perfectly, the meat tender and fresh. I did find the sauce a little too sweet for my liking, but I think this is simply the style of the dish.


Pandan sago in coconut milk

This was actually my favourite dish of the night – the sago still had a lovely bite to them and were distinctly pandan flavoured. The coconut milk was rich and not too overwhelming – a little of the syrup from the bottom of the serving dish added just the right amount of sweetness.

I enjoyed both of my experiences dining at Omah’s Malaysian Cuisine and am very glad to have tried their chilli crab, which I’ve heard is one of Melbourne’s best. I do think the price of each dish was a little too much – most of the mains were around $20, as was the calamari entrée, none of which were particularly generous in size. Similarly, the Malaysian crab was certainly more expensive than a similarly-sized ginger and shallot crab from most Chinese restaurants, but I was more than happy to pay for the experience. Despite the price, the food was all cooked very well and no one left dissatisfied with their meal. Overall, a great restaurant to try, but I doubt I’ll be a regular customer.

xx Judy




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