18 Woolley St Dickson, ACT 2602

‘What are you going to buy with your first pay check?’.

That was the question everyone was asking in the first few weeks of starting internship. After being a poor medical student scrounging for free food every day, it was liberating to know that we were actually now being paid for the time we spent in hospitals, and having dreamt of this moment for the better part of my degree, I knew exactly what I was going to spend my first pay check on.

I took a short trip back home to visit my family and invited them all out to a big dinner just a few days before Chinese New Year – my way of showing thanks and appreciation for all of their love and support throughout my life.


We decided to visit Ruby, a local Chinese restaurant with a fairly decent reputation for food. Located on the main street in Dickson, it’s certainly one of the nicer eateries in the area, and its bright red sign is hard to miss. The service was surprisingly good – I was expecting the usual dismissiveness – but our waitress was very accommodating and courteous. It took us some time to order due to the extensiveness of the menu, but in the end picked some of our favourite Chinese dishes as well as a few new ones to experiment.

Complimentary soup


Chinese cold cuts ($26.80)

While a tad pricey, I really enjoyed this entrée comprising of a selection of cold pork, jellyfish, squid and chicken feet. Everything had really great pickled flavour, especially the chicken feet and pork, and it was the perfect sharing dish if you want to try a bit of everything.


Ginger and shallot mud crab with egg noodles (market price)

As many of you would know, this is my favourite dish to order at Chinese restaurants. If cooked well, the crab is beautifully tender and very easy to eat, but if overdone, it can stick to the shell and be very tough. Luckily, the chef at Ruby did a great job of cooking the crab, while the ginger and shallot sauce was also excellently flavoured and coated the springy egg noodles perfectly.

Unfortunately, at the point in our meal, we hit a small hitch – the kitchen lost the rest of our order and after finishing the crab, we were left sitting for almost half an hour without another dish in sight. However, as soon as our waitress realised the error, she was very apologetic, which I appreciated, although perhaps more could have been to rectify the mistake. Regardless, after another shorter wait, the rest of our meal was served.

Sizzling fillet steak in black pepper sauce ($25.80)

Very aromatic with a great sauce to eat with rice, but the quality of the steak could have been better.


Scallops in XO chilli sauce ($32.50)

Both my brother and I enjoyed this dish a lot. The scallops were cooked well and there was a great kick of chilli in this dish.

Two kinds of mushrooms and vegetables ($24.80)

This was our only vegetarian dish and while I loved the different mushrooms, the flavour was quite bland.

Steamed pork belly taro hot pot ($28.80)

I wasn’t a big fan of this dish, which I found confusing in flavour. Texturally, the sauce was also a bit strange, likely owing to the dissolved pieces of taro in it. While the pork was tasty, I felt it was undercooked and not yet at the right level of tenderness.

Overall, I was quite pleased with our dinner at Ruby. It’s always very difficult to find a restaurant that serves authentic, traditional Chinese food while also offering a high-quality dining experience, and while this dinner wasn’t without negatives, I think we all left feeling satisfied. The dishes veered on the pricey side across the board, but certainly didn’t break the bank – I think there’ll even be enough left of that pay check for a little present to myself!

xx Judy

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