Black is the New Black

Bleecker St. Burger

Old Spitalfields Market, Unit B Pavilion Building Spitalfields, London E1 6EA

When I searched around for the best burgers to try in London, the answer was unanimously Bleecker St. Burger. With a handful of branches spread around the city, it was very convenient to drop by for some dinner after a full day of sightseeing, although finding this particular store within the Old Spitalfields Market did prove to be challenging. The menu is small but full of the classics – burgers, fries and milkshakes, all cooked and served in true New York fashion. It was difficult to pick just a few, but we ended up ordering some of the most popular items from the menu to try.


Bleecker Black (£10)

The Bleecker Black is Bleecker St’s most famous burger consisting of a layer of black pudding between two beef patties. I know black pudding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For those who don’t know, it’s a type of sausage very commonly consumed around the UK consisting of pork fat, pork blood, oatmeal and a blend of onions and herbs. It’s perhaps not the most appetising list of ingredients, but don’t diss it till you’ve tried it – I had my first taste in London and absolutely loved it!

The Bleecker Black was definitely unlike any other burger I’ve ever tasted. For starters, the beef patties were unbelievably tender and cooked perfectly to a lovely pink on the inside. As for the black pudding, I thought it added a fantastic umami flavour as well as an interesting texture to the burger that I really enjoyed. My only criticism would be the lack of freshness – so much meat with no vegies would have made this burger a little difficult to eat by myself, but luckily I had K to share with.

Angry Fries (£4)

These thinly cut fries were served with a very interesting concoction of blue cheese and buffalo sauce. Its grey colour definitely looked a little off-putting to begin with but that complaint flew out of my mind as soon as I started eating. Creamy and spicy at the same time, this sauce was surprisingly delicious and super addictive paired with the crispy French fries.

Bleecker Black, Angry Fries and Bacon Cheeseburger (£9)

A classic, executed very well by Bleecker St. The bacon was super crispy and the beef patty, like in the Bleecker Black, was cooked to a beautiful medium rare.

I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food at Bleecker St. Burger. I didn’t expect to be amazed given that Melbourne has its fair share of fantastic burgers, but I really loved the innovativeness behind the Bleecker Black and the Angry Fries, both of which were like nothing I’d ever eaten before.  The beef patties were certainly one of the best that I’ve tried and even though everything was on the pricey side, I’d happily pay for such high quality. Now we just have to get the Bleecker Black in Melbourne!

xx Judy




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