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After several weeks of drooling over the quirky soft serves from Milkcow up on social media, K and I finally made the trip to their newly opened pop-up in the city. Originating from South Korea, this ice-cream chain exploded in popularity across Asia before making its way to Melbourne. Its recipes and toppings have been adapted to include organic Australian milk and honeycomb as well as collaborations with the likes of Sensory Lab Specialty Coffee.


The pop-up store was a glaring mix of neon lights and in-your-face décor, down to the walls plastered with Milkcow posters. There were a dozen different topping combinations to choose from for your soft serve, ranging from nothing at all to a full-blown halo of fairy floss. I couldn’t resist the caramel popcorn while K decided on a simple drizzle of honey.

Caramel Pop – Double glazed creamy caramel popcorn with Italian caramel syrup


Caramel pop and Milky Honey – Lashings of honey swirl, 100% organic

Both soft serves were super smooth and creamy with a rich vanilla flavour – think Maccas but better – but this doesn’t come cheap at $5 to $8.50 a pop. I didn’t think the honey was anything too special but really enjoyed the caramel popcorn, which were super crunchy with a lovely thick coating of caramel. I also appreciated the care that the shop assistant took in assembling the soft serves, making sure that there was generous amounts of popcorn and honey at the bottom of our cups.


The delicious soft serves and fun toppings at Milkcow definitely appealed to me – it’s definitely the perfect place for a little treat. That being said, the price is a little steep for the serving sizes, and I’d be keen to see a few more options on the menu before I’m tempted to return again. If you are interested in visiting, I believe they’ll be sticking around until the end of May, so get in before you miss out!

xx Judy





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