Three Williams

Three Williams

613a Elizabeth St Redfern, NSW 2016


K here; now that working life has caught up to us, Judy and I end up with more time apart but the silver lining is I get to bring you some of my own reviews!


I recently took a short trip to see some friends in Sydney and in between everything else we, of course, went to a few choice eateries. The first was a place very close to where I was staying which seemed irresistibly popular, called Three Williams.


The exterior was so unassuming I almost walked past it but inside, it’s quite a vast space which still maintains a warm and snug feel on the leather seats. The staff were very quick to acknowledge my presence which is always appreciated and there was something about the central coffee area and symmetrical layout that appealed to me.

Chai Masala Tea (White) ($4.50)

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6 Melbourne Pl Melbourne, VIC 3000

I’m usually quite reluctant to try tapas-style food in Melbourne but the idea of Armenian cuisine at Sezar definitely piqued my interest. Created by the same team behind The Black Toro, this restaurant has become a popular dinner destination over the last few years and is known to serve some great food. Dimly lit and crowded, it’s perfect for an after-work wind-down, but the atmosphere is not particularly conductive to a relaxed catch-up or intimate dinner.


Hommus ($9) – chickpeas, brown butter and flat bread

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The Perfect Full English Breakfast

Regency Café

19 Regency St Westminster, London SW1P 4BY

While you may not find the perfect smashed avo or gluten-free muesli here, this long-standing London establishment is famous for its delicious and classic English breakfasts. Located in Westminster, it’s not uncommon to see a big queue of hungry diners lining up through the café and out the door, all eagerly awaiting their weekend fry-up. The food here is beautiful in its soul-warming simplicity, evident in the enthusiasm of their staff and the satisfaction of their customers. With such a great reputation, K and I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to visit while we were in London, and we were so impressed that we returned the following weekend!


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Three One 2 One

Three One 2 One

424 Bridge Rd Richmond, VIC 3121

Since its transformation from café into burger haven, Three One 2 One has grabbed my attention with its towering burgers and decadent milkshakes. I convinced K to make a visit with me several weeks back to see if it was worth all the hype.


Walking in, I was immediately drawn to their impressive display of hot sauces, from regular Nando’s to variety of foreign-looking bottles containing some very toxic-looking sauces. The restaurant itself was spacious and the menu had a great variety of different burgers, sides and shakes.

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Best Caramel Slice

For about the last 5 years, caramel slice has been my go-to whenever there’s a party to go to or a farewell at work. Every time, without fail, they disappear in a flash and everyone marvels at how delicious they are. I get requests for these little treats every couple of weeks and they’ve become somewhat of a signature dessert for me.

The beauty of these caramel slices (and something I usually keep to myself) is that they are dead-easy to make. There are hundreds of recipes for them online, but over the years, I’ve combined, tweaked and fine-tuned a huge number of them to get to the one I use now. It’s super simple and makes a big tray of delicious, ooey gooey caramel slices that (in my humble opinion) are the best I’ve ever tried.

Please do give this recipe a go if you’re interested, and tag me (@myfoodbellygram) in your Instagram photos if you do!


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