Three One 2 One

Three One 2 One

424 Bridge Rd Richmond, VIC 3121

Since its transformation from café into burger haven, Three One 2 One has grabbed my attention with its towering burgers and decadent milkshakes. I convinced K to make a visit with me several weeks back to see if it was worth all the hype.


Walking in, I was immediately drawn to their impressive display of hot sauces, from regular Nando’s to variety of foreign-looking bottles containing some very toxic-looking sauces. The restaurant itself was spacious and the menu had a great variety of different burgers, sides and shakes.


Kick Ass Mac n Cheese ($17) – Beef pattie with double cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon with macaroni and cheese on a brioche bun

This was the burger that first caught my attention – there’s no going past that gooey mac n cheese. The patties were cooked to a nice medium and I had a lot of fun trying out several of their hot sauces, which went surprisingly well with my burger. The main disappointment was my burger bun, which was a bit hard and not rich as brioche should be.


Los Pollos Hermanos ($16) – Panko crumbed chicken breast, crispy prosciutto, lettuce and mushroom creamy sauce

K’s choice had a very crunchy piece of panko-crumbed chicken and a delicious mushroom sauce, but there was very little in this burger to balance the richness except one piece of lettuce. The bun also overwhelmed the rest of the ingredients and it resulted in quite a dry burger.

The chips that accompanied the burgers were served in a cute little frying basket and were nice and crunchy, but nothing too memorable.


Popeye and Olivia ($14) – Raspberries, fresh mango, yoghurt and oats, strawberries, coconut milk with choc and coconut flakes

We wanted to forgo the classic chocolate and peanut butter flavours of milkshake and opt for a more refreshing choice, but we were sadly very disappointment with the Popeye and Olivia. While it was nice having pieces of fresh mango, they were largely overwhelmed by the overly sweet milkshake. The oats made it very difficult to drink with the straw and we ended up leaving the majority of it behind.


While I enjoyed my burger, with such strong competition in the Melbourne burger scene, I don’t think Three One 2 One quite measured up. Their prices are definitely on the higher side for the quality of the food, and while our milkshake looked great, it didn’t deliver in taste. I’d be reluctant to return for a little while I think.

xx Judy





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