804 Glenferrie Rd Hawthorn, VIC 3122


I’ve been on a bit of a Japanese kick recently and wanted to try out a few more of my local restaurants. A quick search on Zomato led me to Samurai, an affordable Japanese place along Glenferrie Road, known for its masses of great eateries. K and I stopped by after work one day and were greeted by a lovely little restaurant with a very homely vibe, perfect for families and those wanting a casual dining experience. We ordered the dinner set to share between us, as well a few extras on the side to satisfy our curiosity.


Kakiage Tempura ($4.50) – a mixture of vegetables fried in batter

I took a great deal of pleasure from eating this crispy pile of fried goodness and convincing myself that it was the healthy option because of the vegies.

Takoyaki ($4.50) – octopus balls

Nice and crispy, but like all takoyaki I’ve had in Melbourne, a tad lacking in the actual octopus component.

Beef tataki ($7.50) – thinly sliced raw beef with soy flavour sauce

K was very excited by the idea of this dish, but we were both left disappointed by the chewiness of the beef. The soy sauce and garlic paste on top was delicious though, giving the beef a nice flavour boost.


Chuukadon ($9.50) – Stir fried vegetables and marinated fried chicken

A flavourful dish that had a great selection of fresh vegies, both comforting and tasty. Sure, the presentation could have been better, but I thought it look just like a home-cooked meal.


Green tea cheese cake ($4.50)

Creamy with a great matcha flavour, this cheese cake was somewhere in between a traditional and a Japanese version – very enjoyable.

Overall, we had a very satisfying meal at Samurai. Not only was it affordable, the food was great, and with the exception of the beef tataki, full of good quality ingredients. Not a bad place for some Japanese grub in Hawthorn, and certainly somewhere I’d return to every once in a while.

xx Judy

Samurai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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