13 Bligh Pl Melbourne, VIC 3000

Nestled in the alleyways of Melbourne is the newly opened Souk, a restaurant offering a taste of North Africa, Anatolia and the Middle East. This unique venue is a welcome change from the overabundance of cafés and hipster bars that can usually be found, and delivers whole-heartedly in its atmosphere, food and drinks. The space is massive, spread over two floors, and the menu is full of share-plates bursting with flavour and refreshing variety.

The Omar Sharif cocktail – gin, citrus mastic, orgeat, rose water



Chipotle hummus ($9) – chickpeas and chipotle, drizzled with burnt butter and paprika

A very interesting take on the classic hummus, with a subtle kick from the paprika.



Prawn falafel ($12) – prawn falafel serve on smoked black tahini with coriander mayonnaise and tomato oil

Falafels are often let down by their lack of flavour and dryness, but the inclusion of prawns added both a sweetness and juiciness back into the dish.


Kuwaiti fried chicken ($28) – chicken ribs fired in harissa and paprika breadcrumbs and ras el hanout

These were probably my favourites from the dinner – a super crispy and flavourful crumb coating, while still tender on the inside. I really appreciated the extra care taken in preparing the chicken ribs themselves, which showed great attention to detail.


Kisir: Turkish tabouleh ($10) – Anatolian style tabouleh with bulgur, parsley, sumac, mint cucumber, red capsicum, tomato and mild chillies with roasted pine nuts, served on white endives


Charcoal octopus ($18.50) – octopus with hot muhammara sauce, roasted potato and herb oil
Chicken and apricot kofta ($18.50) – skewered chicken kofta with lemongrass, apricot, capsicum and lemon zest served with beet hummus


Adanali osma ($13.50) – slow cooked black tapioca pearls in a sweet Turkish coffee cream and white crispy tapioca

Another highlight from the night was the dessert. I love anything with tapioca, but this dish showcased it in a way that I’ve never seen before. The coffee cream was creamy and not too overpoweringly sweet, and the crispy fried tapioca added a great textural component.




Souk is certainly a refreshing and refined look into the world of Middle Eastern cuisine. I thoroughly enjoyed almost everything that I tasted, and the service was prompt and polite. The only downfall are the prices, which can be on the high side for relatively small dishes, but it definitely delivers in flavour. Look out for their neon pink sign and drop by with some friends.

xx Judy

Souk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: My Food Belly was invited to dine as a guest of Souk, however, all reviews and opinions are my own.



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