Barcelona, Spain

Disappointment at Tapas 24

A Night at Barceloneta

Barcelonean Churros Adventures 1

Barcelonean Churros Adventures 2

Last Ditch for Tapas

Marseille, France

A Gem in Marseille

‘Excuse me, are you wanting ze bouillabaisse?’

Cannes, France

Seaside Sandwich Shack

Nice, France

Pastries for breakfast, donut judge me

Lyon, France

A Beginner’s Guide to the Bouchon

Lost in Translation

Tours, France

A Tours de Force

A Little Slice of Melbourne

Caen, France

A Bouchon Away from Lyon

Paris, France

Our First (Of Many) in Paris

Cravings of the Tapioca Kind

Making Roomies for a Burger

Crepe Struggles

Un Macaron, S’il Vous Plaît

On Top of the World…or At Least, Paris

Bonsoir Paris, et à bientôt

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice Smoothies in the Naughty Part of Town

A Seasonal Feast

Stroopwafelin’ in Amsterdam

Brussels, Belgium

War of the Waffles – Belgian vs Liege

Cambridge, UK

Chelsea Buns in Cambridge

A Traditional Sunday Roast

London, UK

A Dinner Date with Jamie Oliver (‘s pasta)

Slurpin’ Through Some Ramen

Scootin’ into a London Cafe

Black is the New Black

To Burger or to Lobster – That is the Question!

Beef Wellies in London

The Perfect Full English Breakfast

Duck & Waffle